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Cookie and Privacy Policy for Redwood Brands

Why are you seeing this?

We will collect personal data only where you register your interest in getting more information, or wish to apply to the programme.

We will use Cookies to make your experience of the site better. These Cookies will help us analyse how people use the site. The data we gather from Cookies will not enable us to identify you personally. We use Google Analytics on the site.

What we will do:
  • Collect and store the data you enter when requesting information or registering your interest.
  • Use analytics to collect anonymous data about the use of our services – for example how many visitors a website gets, what types of browsers are used to access our websites and so on. The use of analytics may require the use of cookies stored on your computer, but the data collected will be anonymous.
  • Use session cookies – these are cookies which last just for as long as you have the website or app open in your browser, and are deleted when you go to a different page or close your browser. These types of cookies are necessary to provide you with a smooth user-experience (for instance we may host our website on many different servers so that we can make it load faster, and session cookies enable us to do this), and your consent to these is implied by your use of our services.
  • Take the utmost care of your data – using generally accepted forms of security on our servers and databases to ensure that your personal details are kept safe.
  • Destroy any personal data as soon as is practical after any request by you to do this.
  • Observe all laws around the collection and use of your data.
  • Only share your data with partners in Redwood Brands where this is necessary to fulfil your request for information (for example if certain investment information needs to be sent directly from Diageo)
  • Keep a database of information of all those who contact us for the purposes of complying with our obligations as firm regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Have a clear and easy way to unsubscribe from any general email communications we send out to all those who have requested more information.
What we will not do:
  • Sell your personal data to anyone
  • Use it in ways not clearly described in this privacy policy
  • Be unclear about what data we are collecting and what we are using it for
  • Use language that is really technical and legal when plain simple English will do
    Allow third party cookies from any service
Your Choices:

If you are concerned about information being collected about you, please look at your browser’s help section for advice on how to set which types of cookie you will permit, and what level of notifications you will receive.

The provision of information about the programme relies on us collecting personal data, so you may not be able receive information if you do not wish us to collect this data.

The Future

We may sell or merge our business, and so this privacy policy may be merged with that of another company in the future.

We want to ensure that this policy is always clear and comprehensive and so will update it when necessary.

We will never, under any circumstances, allow your data to be used in any way other than how you were informed it would be used when you used one of our services. We will ensure that even if we merge or get taken over, that this principle will be observed.